Subject Upper Half This Year Posts Record High Air Traffic
Upload date 2017-09-14 Source MOLIT News
2017 Upper Half Posts Record High Air Traffic
July 25, 2017

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that despite of diplomatic circumstances around THAAD and the decrease in the demand of flights to and from China, the air traffic volume during the first half of this year has grown by 4.9% year-on-year to 373,690 flights marking the highest traffic.

The number of flights on domestic or international routes through airports in Korea, including fly bys, has increased from around 358,000 over the upper half of last year to 374,000 this year.

International flight grew by more than 10,000(5.6%) from last year while domestic traffic by 4.4% on average.

The number of fly bys has slightly increased (1.6%) from 23,000 to 24,000 with 130 flights every day.

Over the last decade, yearly average air traffic of the upper half has grown by 5.5% except for the temporary slump during 2009 due to the global economic downturn.

When it comes to the traffic of each traffic control centers, Incheon control tower dealt with 6.4% more traffic (176,000 flights) while Jeju tower controlled 0.8% less traffic than last year mainly due to the decrease in demand for flights to and from China.

Despite of diplomatic issues such as relationship with China, MOLIT forecasts moderate increase in air traffic for a while based on the upward trend in the demand for short-distance flights from and to Japan and Southeast Asia and the upcoming vacation season.

Accordingly, the Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to ensure safe and efficient air traffic management by consulting with neighboring countries to improve airways, upgrading traffic control process and operating the Air Traffic Control Center that predicts and adjust congestion around airports and airways.