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  • These are the greetings and the profile of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Kang Hoin.

 Kang Hoin

 Kang Hoin, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Welcome to the homepage of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is charged with a mission of great importance and dedicates its efforts to our country and people as housing, territorial, construction, water resources, transport and logistics policies are directly associated with national economic competitiveness and the life of our citizens.

First, we focus on strengthening residential stability of low and middle income people.

By promoting public rental housing, private rental housing(“New Stay” to be managed by a private developer and supplied to low and middle income people with diverse residential services such as laundry, cleaning, moving and child care) and housing allowance, the Ministry will increase customized housing policies based on more specific analysis and statistics on consumers, market, social class and region.

We strive to create a strongly competitive and regionally balanced territory.

The main strategy is to develop more High-tech Urban Industrial Complexes including Pangyo Creative Economy Valley and revitalize old industrial complexes across the country to enhance territorial competitiveness. The policy initiatives that pursue balanced regional development and a win-win development of the capital and non-capital regions will be actively implemented and sustainable urban regeneration will be widely encouraged by inviting citizens to lead and participate.

We aim to provide efficient, safe and convenient transport services.

The Ministry will put efforts into systematically expanding national key transport networks such as road, railway and air transport by efficiently allocating limited resources. We will also improve public transport services and strengthen the right of transport users to significantly reduce traffic accidents.

We put a high priority on regulatory reform to create new jobs and improve national competitiveness.

The government will maintain and strengthen the regulations that are related to the lives and safety of people or may stimulate development of technologies and industries while taking bold actions to ease unnecessary regulations that may hamper free competition and creativity of private companies.

As the world is now changing at remarkable speed, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will prepare for the upcoming future step-by-step from a macro perspective to catch up with rapid global changes and development.

We will continue to communicate and work closely with concerned ministries to solve intricate and complex problems, and improve the quality of our policies by listening carefully to the voices of experts, our citizens and people in the field.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will do its best and be devoted to making Korea a country where all people can live a happy life.

Work Experience
Nov. 2015 ~ Present Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT)
May 2015 ~ Nov. 2015 Civilian Committee Member, Public Institutions Management Committee
Apr. 2014 ~ Oct. 2015 Visiting professor, Graduate School of Public Administration,
Seoul National University
May 2012 ~ Mar. 2013 Administrator, Public Procurement Service
May 2010 ~ Jan. 2012 Deputy Minister, Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Feb. 2009 ~ May 2010 Director General for Public Institutions Policy,
Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MSF)
Mar. 2008 ~ Feb. 2009 Director General for Public Institutions Innovation, MSF
May 2007 ~ Feb. 2008 Director General for Policy Planning,
Ministry of Finance and Economy (MFE)
Jun. 2006 ~ May 2007 Director General for Strategy Planning, Director General for Fiscal Policy Planning, Ministry of Planning and Budget(MPB)
Mar. 2006 ~ Jun. 2006 Deputy Director General for Fiscal Policy, MFE
Jan. 2005 ~ Dec. 2005 Seconded to Korea National Defense University
Aug. 2001 ~ Jan. 2005 Director of Economic Policy Division,
Director of Economic Analysis Division, MFE
Sep. 2000 ~ Aug. 2001 Director of Coordination Division 2, Economic Policy Bureau, MFE
Aug. 1997 ~ Sep. 2000 Seconded to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, UK
Jun. 1996 ~ Aug. 1997 Economic Aide, Busan Metropolitan City
Dec. 1994 ~ Jun. 1996 Budget Coordination Division, MFE
Oct. 1991 ~ Dec. 1994 Deputy Director of Budget Policy Division, Budget Coordination Division, Agriculture and Fisheries Division, Economic Planning Board (EPB)
Sep. 1988 ~`Oct. 1989 Deputy Director of Evaluation and Analysis Division, EPB
Aug. 1985 ~ Aug. 1988 Deputy Director of Economic Trend Analysis Division,
Comprehensive Planning Division, and Minister’s Office, EPB
1980 Passed 24th Higher Civil Service Examination