2013’s MOLIT

2018 Jun ► Revision of the Government Organization Act(Enforcement Date 08. Jun, 2018.): Two vice ministers, five offices, three bureaus. nineteen director-generals, eighty-four divisions and two teams(994 officials)
2017 Jun ► Inauguration of the 4th Minister Kim Hyun-mee: Two vice ministers, five offices, four bureaus, 18 director-generals, 83 divisions and four teams (994 officials)
2015 Nov ► Inauguration of the 3rd Minister Kang Ho-in
2015 Mar ► Inauguration of the 2nd Minister Yoo Il-ho
2013 Mar ► Inauguration of the 1st Minister SuhSeung-hwan
2013 Mar 23 ► Establishment of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Two vice ministers, five offices, four bureaus, 16 director-generals and 80 divisions (956 officials) * Maritime affairs under the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs were excluded, such as shipping logistics, ports and maritime environment.